I just got a new computer. (Seriously, be happy for me. My old computer was purchased in 2004; poor thing is pretty much a grandpa. When I tried to sync my iPhone it pretty much just slapped me across the face and told me not to swear at it.)  Clearly I then stayed up until 1:30AM last night doing things that I’ve wanted to do with a more modern and 21st century computer like, oh, I don’t know, upload photos.  Upon uploading these photos, I found some long lost pictures of past projects I’ve done!

The first set of photos is a cowl I was commissioned to make.  It’s made from organic llama wool, which is incredibly soft, gorgeous, and warm. I first made one for myself, and it’s basically a staple in my outfits from fall through winter. (Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for buying me the yarn for my birthday. Once you go organic llama wool, you never go…well, it’s really tough to go back.)  I used a super simple pattern from Lion Brand because I wanted to show off the yarn: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0731.html?noImages=0.

The next set of photos are some fingerless gloves I made for a friend.  They’re made in a seed pattern from Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in Oxford Grey.  If you’ve ever made fingerless gloves, the easiest way to make them is just by measuring who they’re for, making a square piece of fabric to size, and then sewing it together remembering to leave a whole for the thumb.  I love making these.  One day I will figure out how to make a thumb hole. Goals.

Finding these photos was a bit like a trip down memory lane combined with finding a treasure chest combined with a sigh of relief that I’m slowly actually welcoming myself to the second decade of this millenium.  

Have any of you stumbled upon some old pictures, patterns, or projects?

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